The Elite Management Group

Property management and Real Estate

We help you realize your vision.

We assist in developing your ideas and wants into tangible goals and projects.

Life is so hectic that we forget to take care of the little things or even ourselves, and although understandable, it is unacceptable. You’re busy enough so let us help with keeping your home that one place of escape and a tranquil, peaceful environment for you and your family.


Edward St. John, Baltimore

I fully endorse and recommend the services of Elite Management Group. EMG has operated with proficiency, professionalism and diligence.  They have managed on-going construction projects, shipping and logistics, maintenance, concierge services and pro-active involvement.  Their experience and knowledge on many matters have greatly assisted the quality of enjoying my home when I visit. Elite Management Group is a great asset and I look forward to continuing the business relationship for years to come.

Donald & Margaret Lottimore

I was aware of the reputation of the proprietors of Elite Management Group well before I was ever in need of property management services. So when the need arose for assistance with managing my rental property, choosing EMG was the easiest decision to make. I like to say that I’ve been a client since before they had letterhead. It has been gratifying to continue to receive the same quality of service as I watch them grow as a company. I commend EMG to anyone who is in need of experienced, professional, pro-active, hands-on, responsive management services. I look forward to doing business with them for many years to come.