Our Agents

Our Real Estate Agents

Our executives are licensed real estate agents and deal in both commercial
and residential real estate sales and rentals in Bermuda.

We would love to assist in the rental, purchase or sale of your new home.

How about a fractional interest as opposed to full time living?
Or that turn-key condo with breathtaking views and private pool?

Bermuda is one of the most unique and gorgeous places in the world!
Own a part of it!

Buddy Fleming, CEO
The broker, compliance officer and reporting officer for Elite Management Group Real Estate. 



Keegan Stirling, COO
Is a licensed real estate agent with Elite Management Group Ltd. Keegan focuses mainly on the fractional resale and residential market. Keegan is skilled in these areas of real estate and welcomes your call.

Heather Peters, CFO
Is a licensed real estate agent with Elite Management group Limited and very knowledgeable about the local residential and fractional marketplace. Heather focuses mainly on sales and rentals in the local residential market.